donderdag 14 februari 2008

Small impresion of Dirks funeral.

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Music For Chameleons zei

Thank you for sharing this video. Even though we never met, Dirk came to mean a lot to me during the time I read his blog. Not a day goes by that I would not think about him.

hideo zei

the funeral looked to be just as fine as I imagine Dirk to have been

thank you for this remembrance--I can hardly listen to any Japanese prog without thinking of Dirk

Zer0_II zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Anoniem zei

That was the funeral Dirk deserved. Thank you.

male47 zei

Never met, never forgotten.

Dr. Bell Otus zei

Thanks Dirk by all your good music and excellent taste.

A beautiful funeral like you certainly want.

Your blog is and will remain in my favorites m8.

88 zei

RIP rock in peace

muyjek zei

I miss him :-(

Anoniem zei

rest in peace

Zer0_II zei

I see that this blog hasn't been updated in nearly three years. I sincerely hope that you will see this message, as it is very important to me that I get in contact with you.

I am in the process of writing an article about Dirk and Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll. The recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan immediately brought Dirk to the forefront of my mind, and how he tirelessly worked to introduce thousands, if not millions of people, to the Japanese artists that he held so dear.

If you happen to see this message, please contact me at shockw4ve_x (at hotmail dot com). I would like your approval before I post an article about Dirk, but if I do not hear from anyone within a week's time I suppose I will go ahead and publish it. Thank you and take care.